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We've often found it to be frustrating trying to learn a programming language via the official manual, and the reason is that the official manual often lists all the variations of a command and explains what all the options are, but often they do not provide examples, so users still do not know how to use that command. We, on the other hand, believe that the best way to learn anything is via examples. Therefore, in our programming tutorials, we always list at least one example so it is easy to see how to particular command is used in real life.

We started www.1keydata.com in 2001. Since we have a data warehousing background, our first two tutorials are on SQL and data warehousing. Since the beginning, we have added additional tutorials on PHP, CSS, HTML, and a section on database normalization.


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<a href="https://www.1keydata.com/">1Keydata Tutorials</a>: 1Keydata provides free online programming language and database-related tutorials. Learn SQL, CSS, and Data Warehousing.


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